Etsy = Addictive

February 23, 2009 at 7:57 pm (Fun, Life) ()

I know many of you are already addicted to Etsy. I wasn’t entirely sure what all the hullaballoo was about, but I was shopping around for birthday gifts today and thought I might as well give it a shot. So I went and searched jewelry for my two sisters, one of whom just turned 30 on Feb 20th and the other will turn 16 on March 6th.

mushroomMiriam is a great fan of whimsical jewelry. I stumbled across these lovelies through a friend who linked me to the LJ community called Craftgrrl. The mastermind behind these mushrooms had just posted some of her new stuff that she would put up on Etsy.

Mushrooms have always been a bit of an inside joke within our family. We bought Miriam a pink floppy beret ages ago that she at first hated; she changed her mind after a while and started wearing it, and called it her Mushroom Hat. From then on, she and I sketched pictures of happy mushrooms frolicking in forests, meadows and doing other assorted weird things. Miriam, for some strange reason, considers mushrooms to be cute-looking.

turtles This is the second pair of earrings I purchased for Miriam.As stated above, she likes the whimsy and she also likes turtles. Chibi turtles seemed the right way to go. They’re currently sold out because the seller only had one pair in stock, but I’m sure she’ll get around to making some more. I expect this pair and the above will arrive sometime later this week, which means I can send them on.

Miriam will actually be getting a third present; Carmen found this voice recording picture frame while she was cleaning up. I’m planning on printing out some fun or meaningful pictures, maybe including a small drawing of sorts, and then sending it off to her. Miriam and I are pretty close to each other, if you couldn’t tell. Heh.

silver pendantLast but not least, we have the pendant I bought for Shana, my older sister. I had a hard time figuring out what kind of present I ought to get her. We’re not as close as we could be; this is mostly my fault. There is a brass version of this pendant but I’m not entirely sure she isn’t allergic to brass, so I went with the silver version instead. She’ll have to replace the chain because the one it comes with is absolutely hideous. I hope she won’t mind doing that.

This Etsy seller has a bunch of lovely jewelry in her store that I think everyone should check out. I’m sort of in love with a lot of her designs. Thankfully, though, I am a stingy bitch and consider buying anything for myself to be a waste of money. Etsy can only do me so much harm! Ha! Take that!

My mother sent me a package that arrived today. Inside, there was clothing. And dog hair. I’m still conflicted about whether or not the dog hair was intentional, but I thought it was pretty hilarious nonetheless.



  1. Britni said,

    BISH, how did I not know you had a blog? And yes, Etsy eats my soul. I love that necklace.

    • vocisexmachina said,

      Thank God we get pretty things in exchange for our souls, right?

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