Fabulosity to the Max

March 8, 2009 at 11:45 pm (Fun) (, , , )

Crazy BritBrit tagged me in this endeavor. Thanks so much, love! I am honored that someone would call my little space of the internet fabulous, especially when I can hardly even try and compare myself to Britni’s fun, sassy, sexy and intelligent romps. I am still new to this whole blogging thing, but I hope I’ll improve over time and maybe live up to Britni’s description. Apparently, in order to accept this award, I will have to first list five things I am addicted to and then pass the award on to five other blogs. Alright, onwards!

The five addictions:

1) Predictably: music. I cannot get enough of music. Some of my fondest memories include sitting in our car and singing along to Runrig or Johnny Clegg & Savuka. Music is a beautiful, expressive thing that comes in many different colores, shades, textures and sounds. I firmly believe it was one of the first art forms to arise from our primitive ancestors. Rhythm, at the very least, is instinctive and natural because our heart would not work without it.

2) Books. I love the smell of dusty old tomes and the freshly printed, crisp pages of newer books. I would hang out in book stores forever with my mother. Even now, we spend a lot of time – hours, even – roaming book stores. She’ll hand me a notepad and tell me to write down authors, titles and ISBNs that strike my fancy. I went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday; normally I find everything I want on my own because I have endless patience when wandering through a bookstore. It’s like a second home for me. Saturday was the first time I had to ask for assistance and it embarrassed the hell out of me.

3) This is going to make me sound even more pretentious than the previous two points, but I have to say knowledge. I will pick up knowledge left and right. In school, I was the go-to “walking dictionary” or referred to as genius for my extensive knowledge of some fields. Mostly it was because I was infinitely curious about the world around me. Curiosity is never satisifed, and thus knowledge becomes an addiction.

4) York Mint Patties. I don’t even know where to begin with this. I love all things involving the combination of mint and chocolate. I just . . . okay. Haha. Never mind. I will never be able to say it.

5) Sushi ginger. I LOVE IT.

As for the five fabulous blogs I will pass this award on to:

First and foremost, Jezebel, where I met many inspirational and fabulous ladies. The writing quality has gone down a little since Jessica left and Megan’s pay has been reduced. It is less for the posts and more for the commenters.

Yes, We Can (Hold Babies) kept me sane during the election season. When the GOP was slinging shit like the horde of monkeys they were, I could always count on that blog to come up with pictures that made me smile. Not so sure how I feel about them sending my ovaries into overdrive, but that’s alright because the pictures are too cute for words.

I love reading about Bowleserised’s in Berlin. She’s funny, smart and very thoughtful. She also understands Germany, which is always a plus.

Traci has been around for a while, but switched blog addresses. She is funny, sweet and proof that not all Texans are vile and stupid.

Last but not least, there is Nathanael. I’ve known him for several years and he recently decided to join the blogosphere. He is a thoughtful young man who sometimes goes way over my head, but I’m used to that, so I can cope with it.


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  1. Britni said,

    Aw, you made me blush!

    And I personally think that sushi ginger tastes like shampoo. Icky!

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