Lovely Ladies Part I

March 11, 2009 at 6:45 pm (Art, Music) (, , , )

Whenever I open my iTunes, I am almost ashamed of the fact I seem to have more male artists in my music library. I wonder if this is some form of unconscious discrimination on my behalf – or if it stems from my intense criticism of my own performance in the vocal department. I have high standards for women in music, from an artistic and training perspective. So I think a post with some of my favorite female artists or female-fronted bands was in order. Part I will consist of the harder, more Gothic stuff and we’ll continue on from there.

Formerly the face of the (now totally rotten and awful) band Nightwish, Tarja Turunen is the reason I decided to pursue voice in the first place. I taught myself at least some minor technique by merely mimicking her style. Whatever problems her personality may have, it does NOT detract from her talent.

I have been a fan of Lacuna Coil and, more importantly, Cristina Scabbia for a long time. I am usually a part of the “Do NOT even THINK about touching Depeche Mode” fanbase, but this cover is actually fantastic and showcases her lovely voice.

Simone Simones is only two years older than yours truly. Much like myself, she was also inspired to take voice lessons after growing up listening to Nightwish. That makes me unreasonably happy and smily.

Kerli is a fairly new discovery; I enjoy that she is a very different sort of manufactured persona. She hails from Estonia, which probably makes a huge difference in terms of how much control she has over her music, her image and what can be demanded of her.

This dame goes by the stage name Emilie Autumn; she has a super interesting biography. She attended Indiana University Bloomington’s school of music at fourteen and was kicked out soon after for not fitting in with the school’s somewhat more conservative image. She is also one of modern day’s violin protegés with a special love for Bach. In fact, she was so good she and her teacher developed an entirely new technique.

Liv Kristine is one of the nicest, most gracious people I have ever met. There’s a sort of interesting story to it – my chemistry teacher back in Germany mentioned once or twice that he knew a lady who was in a fairly famous band and at some point, I wheedled out of him that it was Leaves’ Eyes. (Cue Dani’s jaw hitting her desk.) A few weeks later, he called me up to the podium after class and handed me an autograph because he’d seen Liv at a party recently and told him that some of his students were fans. A half year later, I went to a concert for her solo tour with my younger sister and we decided to leave after her performance because the band they were on the road with sucked. Outside, we ran into the band and her and it was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. She is so, so nice.

Krypteria are probably the only Western band fronted by a Korean person. Ji-In Cho is ridiculously pretty, a good lyricist and apparently a real powerhouse live. I missed their concerts when they were in the area. SIGH.

Within Temptation! This was one of my start-out bands for the genre. Their new album didn’t impress me as much as it should have, but I can cope.

More to come at some point soon!



  1. Meg said,

    D, I’m the same way! I have way more male favorites, and I’m a lot more forgiving about a “bad” male voice than I am a woman’s.

    You are not alone, sister. We must both be projecting our own self-criticisms on other female artists.

    • vocisexmachina said,

      I most definitely know that I am; I also allow for a lot more “interesting” sounds with men than I do for women. I take a lot of issue with the way pop princesses are dropped off the conveyor belt with the snap of a finger. I do somehow expect women to perform at top-notch vocally, and I honestly don’t see that happen very often these days. You really have to look in niches.

  2. lisa said,

    “my chemistry teacher back in Germany mentioned once or twice that he knew a lady who was in a fairly famous band”
    etwa herr konzelmann?!?!?!

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