Chag Sameach And All That Jazz

April 9, 2009 at 9:38 pm (Life) (, , )

Passover has begun, we are on the second night of seders. I am skipping out on any kinds of festivities this year, but will be keeping pareve (kosher for Passover). So far, the goyim have been fairly decent about not eating breadstuff and anything containing grains in front of me. Sometime around next Monday, I expect there to be a lusting-for-bread stabbing rage.

As per usual, I will be eating kitniyot (“little things”), meaning I am not an idiot and will not cut rice, corn and legumes out of my diet. I am sorry, but matzah is just not that appetizing and while my vitamin levels may merit celebration after these eight days, I reason like this: You cannot make bread from rice, soy beans, beans or corn. Why should I not eat it? I replaced my goddamn vinegar for apple cider vinegar and that’s the extent to which I will go.

To all non-Jews: I hate you right now.


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  1. Lisa said,

    and you’re braving COSI during a non-bread time?

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