Bad Habits

April 13, 2009 at 7:05 pm (Life, School) (, , )

One of my many vices is procrastination. I have been combating it this semester in an attempt to drive it out of me like the devil it is, but it’s finally caught up with me again. Partly, I think, it was based in frustration with English class – because this is where it happened that I did not have an essay done on time – but partly also on laziness and the fact that the internet always offers welcome distraction.

I’ll try to not let it happen again; I finished my essay today, as well as the double notebook, both of which were due last Tuesday. Thank God I could get the deadline extended, but it still makes me unhappy because I have managed to stay on top of things from the very beginning of the semester. I have a good work ethic because I make an effort, but that won’t be enough. I skated by school before and now I have the chance to excel, yet I am letting myself drag. I need to stop this.

Oh, my burgeouise first world problems.


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  1. Britni (VadgeWig) said,

    You cannot be more of a procrastinator than I am. No way in hell. It’s really bad. And because of it, and always missing deadlines and being late to things, I’ve gotten really good at getting around things and lying and deceiving my way out. Not a great skill to hone, I’ll tell you that.

    But I’m the only person I know that can turn a final paper in 2 weeks late, or even not turn one in at all, and still finagle an ‘A’ in the class. It’s gonna catch up with me one day.

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