That 3 PM Call

April 18, 2009 at 3:18 pm (Life) (, , )

My family calls on Saturdays. Today I received a lecture on internet safety, not pushing buttons, school and community. I started crying a bit. We talked some more. The phone was handed to my sister, for whom CSI: Las Vegas was more important than I was. I told her to just hand the fucking phone back to my mother if she didn’t want to talk to me. My dad only spoke of the weather and transferring schools. I cried harder.

By the time my father gently hung up, I couldn’t keep it together anymore. So I sat and listened to the line crackling for a minute and cried some more. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me or some outside factor. What I do know is that I don’t think I like it here very much.



  1. Britni (VadgeWig) said,

    I’m so sorry, baby.

    And where is the “here” you are referring to that you don’t like being? Here as in the physical place you’re at, or here as in the emotional place you’re at?

    • vocisexmachina said,

      Both, I think. Mostly D.C. the physical place, but I’m just hurting so badly for no reason and I can’t deal with myself.

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