June 2, 2009 at 10:53 pm (Life) (, )

And the living’s horrid!

Summer brings in my inner Oscar. I spent fifteen minutes – in total – in the sun today. Of course I felt violently ill afterwards. Ten minutes between the bus stop and home, a minute between the Music Building and South Campus Instruction Building. Maybe five minutes waiting for the bus, slathered in SPF 70. I am not sunburned, I just do not take well to the heat and exposure.

I am clearly not cut out for life in warm climates. Now, why the hell am I in Maryland? I’ve been feeling cranky ever since the temperatures climbed over 70° Fahrenheit. Get off my lawn!



  1. Meg said,

    Oh, hon. Don’t ever move to California! In a matter of weeks, I can expect temperatures of 100 degrees and more. Add nasty air quality and the constant threat of wildfires, and you’ve got the very definition of misery!

    • vocisexmachina said,

      Try DC and the same temperatures, just with 120% humidity. 😉

      • Meg said,

        The humidity would kill me. It was fairly humid where I lived in England, and I hated feeling WET all the time.

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