Happy Halloween!

November 1, 2009 at 9:56 pm (Fun, Life) (, , , )

This is a day late, but who’s really counting? Halloween was marvelous – I spent it with my friend A. and a bunch of her friends. I leave you with two pictures: one of a bumblebee named Bella and one of myself with a hypoallergenic cat.



The end.


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Face Painting!

March 26, 2009 at 10:03 pm (Fun, Life) (, , , )

I’m easy and consider myself a good feminist, but there’s one thing I have to admit. Make-up amuses me to no end. It’s a way for me to draw on my face without people getting all weird about it. (Admittedly, I am not drawing penii on my face with lipstick, though MAYBE I should try that.) Since I have nothing else to blog about, I thought I might as well post my usual make-up routine. First, of course, I wash my face in the mornings – Neutrogena. While my face dries I insert my contacts so I don’t contaminate them with face cream or make-up, then I apply BiorĂ© lotion. Then!

foundation1. Foundation! I use Almay Truly Lasting Color in Ivory 01; it’s still a little darker than it should be for my skin, but it’s the best I’ve been able to find so far; I just thin it out with some water. It’s not tested on animals either, so therefore awesome. Keep in mind it’s not heavy-duty coverage, it’s just supposed to smooth out your complexion. It does that for me.


2. Blush! CoverGirl Instant Cheek Bones Contouring Blush in Refined Rose. I’ve replaced the brush for something larger with this, the smaller brush was just not good for blending at all. I usually start out with the middle shade directly on the cheek bones, from my smile line out to my hair. Then I work the darkest shade underneath that for a shadow effect. The lightest color comes on last and I usually brush it over the other two shades so they blend a little better.


3. Eye shadow! For this, I employ Almay’s Intense I-Color trio of greens. Except I leave the purple out on most days, opting instead to blend the lighter green with the darker green on my eyelid. Sometimes I will use turquoise eyeliner (NYC Eyeliner Duo), mostly I’m too lazy, though. Some days I will go with Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in 07 Spring Moss, blending the two medium shades on my eyelid, then softly smudging the darkest shade over my eyelashes and sweeping the lightest shade up to my brow bone.

pink mascara

4. Mascara! This is where I get tricksy. I have long lashes, but they’re extremely light due to my natural blondeness. Just using one mascara does not produce the desired look, but this is a matter of taste. I like doing the thick tranny lashes as I’ve heard them referred to. So, to achieve this, I will first use Rimmel Lash MAXXX (Extreme Black) for the first layer; the applicator resembles a comb, so it also separates the lashes from another and is ideal for getting the lower lashes. You know, the ones that end up sticking together and looking weird and spidery? Those. I hate it when they do that. Now my lashes will be dark, but still very thin and lonely-looking. So I add a top coat of Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash in Soft Black (water proof). This applicator has thing rubber brushes that actually evenly apply color.

jellypop gloss

5. Lips! Since I’m referring to my daily routine, I will confess I do not use lipstick on a regular basis. I would like to, but I am chicken because the colors I like wearing are the bold kind. I save those for special occasions. To the left you can see Wet N Wild’s Glassy Gloss Jelly Pops. I own the flavor Just Peachy; they’re a new discovery of mine, but I’m very pleased with the smell, flavor and look because they’re not overwhelming, but still awesome. Another favorite is Rimmel’s Twist & Shine Lip Polish with its awesome shade 070 Twist It, which is candy apple red.

Tada! (My apologies if the formatting remains weird. This is the fifth time I’ve edited it and WordPress keeps fucking up the format. I give up.)

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